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Tires Inc Of Berea is a full service center for automotive maintenance and repair. Our technicians perform all the automotive services your vehicle needs for day-in and day-out transportation. Popular services we provide include: brake service, oil changes, wheel alignments and AC Service.

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We serve Greenville, SC, Easley, SC, and Taylors, SC , and surrounding areas.

Brake Service

Brake Repair in Greenville, SC

Whether you're driving five minutes to the grocery store or ten hours on vacation, you depend on your automotive brake system to reach your destination. Braking is essential to your safety and the safety of others, so it's imperative to prioritize service when you run into brake problems.

At Tires Inc Of Berea, we specialize in brake system service. If it's time for replacement brake pads, brake rotors or brake fluid, call us to talk with our friendly staff.

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Get new brake pads, rotors, and more at our convenient locations. Our brake technicians offer the following:

We offer quality service at an affordable price.

Oil Change

Oil Change in Oconto, WI

When it's time for an oil change, make a quick stop at Tires Inc Of Berea. The motor oil in your vehicle is essential to its ability to run. Oil lubricates mechanical parts so they work together properly and don't damage one-another. 

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Did you know that you car’s oil:

  • Keeps all engine components working properly together
  • Draws heat away from the combustion chamber, lowering engine temperature
  • Prevents carbon and varnishes from building up in the engine

How Long Should I Go Between Oil Changes?

Check your owner's manual for recommended oil change intervals. Many modern vehicles also alert you when you're running low. Every vehicle is different. Contact us, and we can help you find the right maintenance schedule for your make and model.

Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

When it's time for an oil change, a popular question is which type of oil is best. There are two major types of oil on the market: standard (conventional) and synthetic.

  • Synthetic Oil: Made to handle extreme temperatures. Synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil and is an ideal solution for reducing engine wear and improving gas mileage on hard working engines.
  • Conventional Oil: Also known as standard oil or regular oil, conventional oil is derived from petroleum. It’s less expensive than synthetic oil and a great choice if you don't drive far very often.

When you need an oil change, visit your nearest location. Your car is counting on you.

Wheel Alignments

Keeping up on wheel maintenance has its perks. Did you know:

  • Wheel alignments are designed to realign wheels to a straighter roll position on the road for less roll resistance. Less roll resistance means less friction, and ultimately, better fuel economy, tire life, and component wear.
  • A wheel alignment reduces tire wear and straightens your vehicle, so you're not pulled to the left or right while driving. A wheel alignment is an important service that fixes the angle of your tires and wheels after pot holes and curb sides alter it.

Choose Tires Inc Of Berea for Your Next Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle pulling strongly to one side? Do your tires have an abnormal or uneven wear pattern? These are signs that your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment. Contact Tires Inc Of Berea today for professional alignment service. We'll have you in and out in a timely manner at an affordable price. This service can save you money in the long run and make driving safer for you and your passengers!

AC Service

Driving on hot days is a lot less enjoyable when you don't have a cool cabin interior. But that's not the only reason to repair a malfunctioning A/C. When the windshield fogs up, the A/C compressor assists with defogging. 

AC Repair in Greenville, SC

Common Air Conditioning Problems

  • My vehicle's air conditioner isn't blowing cold air
  • My vehicle's A/C is blowing warm air instead of cool air
  • My vehicle's A/C isn't blowing any air
  • My car or truck A/C compressor is leaking

Our technicians have the proper equipment and replacement parts to restore your automotive A/C. We detect leaks, identify A/C compressor problems, recharge the A/C, and provide any other repair.necessary for the proper performance of the air conditioner. 

To schedule an appointment for any of our featured services, call us at (864) 246-7311. Our team will be there when you need car maintenance or an auto repair service.

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